Investing in sustainable forestry: is there a business case?

In this episode, FMO’s Anton Timpers and Sandip Chowdhury from Oxfam India join host Jonathan Groubert to talk about the importance of investing in forests. Proper forest management is critical to close the emissions gap and limit global temperature rise. So we need to invest in keeping the forests we have and invest in creating more. Listen to our podcast:

'Challenge of a Decade' is a podcast series of FMO. Host Jonathan Groubert interviews people on the challenges and actions that need to be taken for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In two episodes we discuss topics relevant in the face of the climate crisis.

Scaling up blended finance: how and why?

In this episode, FMO’s Idsert Boersma and CEO of Climate Fund Managers Andrew Johnstone join host Jonathan Groubert to talk about 'blended finance'. Andrew and Idsert argue that blending can be game-changing finance, as it opens up the pathway for ‘big money’ to get to places where it didn’t go before.

Listen to our podcast:

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