Building effective partnerships


2020 marks FMO's 50th anniversary. It also marks the 10 years we have left to meet the Sustainable Development Goals in 2030.

As humanity we are yet to solve these challenges ahead of us. We realize no one can do this alone. We need partnerships; new, innovative and even unexpected alliances that can drive action on inequality and climate change.

The kind of partnerships we need.
We believe that to accelerate change you need disruptors, actors and accelerators. Each brings different qualities to the table.

Click here for the interview with Kshama Fernandes, CEO of Northern Arc Capital. She is leading a company that is transforming the very fabric of finance in India. By using sophisticated risk management tools, Northern Arc Capital is reshaping the lives of ordinary people across the sub-continent.


is already making the difference and can serve as an example for others. The actor dares to apply disruptions and develop them into feasible business solutions. The actor has built a profitable business by doing good. His or her model can either be replicable or scalable.

The actor has built a profitable business by doing good.

In the next edition of Future-minded we feature an interview with Ahmad Ashkar, the Founder and CEO of the Hult Prize Foundation – one of the world’s most acclaimed entrepreneurship programs operating on more than 1500 university campuses in 121 countries. The program has become a benchmark start-up challenge for social entrepreneurship.


envisions new business models, and initiates a new approach to an existing problem. The disruptor challenges us and our way of thinking. They may start out small, but they think big. But of course, the goal is not to stay small—it’s to grow their innovation or invention to match the challenge at hand, whether reducing inequalities or climate action. That is when disruptors need actors and accelerators.

The disruptor challenges us and our way of thinking.

Read here the interview with Kitty van der Heijden. As Director General of International Cooperation, she is responsible for Dutch development cooperation policy and for its coordination, implementation and funding.


can further scale entrepreneurial solutions. They can enable large-scale change that is needed to solve the world’s most pressing issues. By setting enabling conditions, they can pave the way for change. Their role is often to engage, incentivise, manage and, if it is a public entity, set a regulatory framework. That is how they can set a direction of travel.

Accelerators can pave the way for systemic transition.

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