CEO from 2008 - 2016


What is the most valuable lesson we can take forward from the period in which you were CEO of FMO?

Key was the strategy 2012-2020 that we designed on the motto: "double impact and half our footprint". It was and is a daring strategy that clearly focusses on the trade-off between growth needed to reduce poverty and increase well being for a growing world population and reducing footprint needed to stay with the ecological boundaries of our planet. It also implies that you have to measure and design indicators. These are still the main challenges for the coming decades together with a reduction of inequality. All issues key for reaching the Sustainable Developmet Goals (SDGs). Then we decided to focus on a) financial sector, b) energy c) agribusiness. I am convinced that to be successful and deliver quality service, a strong focus is very important, to build the necessary knowledge and network.

Which insights gained during your tenure as FMO’s CEO would help us reach the SDGs faster?

The FMO quality mark together with knowledge and network are as important or even more important than the money FMO can provide. When FMO invests in a company or fund, that opens many doors for them to other partners and investors. Innovations, like Climate Investor One, FMO Investment Management, TCX are of the essence to bring real change and help to accelerate towards the SDGs.

"Be humble and do everything to understand your client. Then you can bring the highest added value to your clients."

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